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£16.85 per month by direct debit
This product is not eligible for VAT relief

A single button mobile that raises an alert to a call centre


The OwnFone Mobile is a simple device that runs on a mobile phone network. A call for help can be activated from within the UK by pressing the large 'Careline' button on the front screen.

Once the button has been pushed, the phone will activate a call and the user can communicate with our 24 hour call centre. The call centre operator will speak to the user through the OwnFone to try to establish where they are (at home, or their location if they are out and about) and what help is needed, they will also call whoever is set up as a responder(s)*. If the user is unable to communicate then the call centre will not knowwhere the individual is but will let the responder(s)* know that the activation has been made.

When communicating with the call centre, the OwnFone Mobile is used in the same way as a phone, please be aware there is not a loud speaker option.

Supplied with lanyard, cradle charger and USB socket.

This item does not require a working landline, Lifeline Home Unit or Care Assist Portable Receiver. SIM card is provided and included in the hire charge.

* Family, friends or neighbours whose details are given as a responder, will be called in the event of a call being activated. If you do not have any responders set, then an ambulance will be called if you have identified that you are at home or have been able to give you location.


  • Height: 82mm (3¼”)
  • Width: 51mm (2”)
  • Depth: 7mm (¼”)
  • Weight: 40g
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 days
  • Charging Time (approx.): 1½ hours
  • Waterproof: No