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Chiptech SEVEN (inc. Sim) & Pearl Pendant

£16.49 per month (Exc. VAT) / £19.79 per month (Inc. VAT) by direct debit
This product is eligible for VAT relief

A digital, SIM connected home unit which comes with a pendant.

The base unit pairs with a number of the other sensors.


The SEVEN provides safe and resiliant communication through advanced mobile technology. Users can press the button their 300m+ range pendant to call for assistance. Once an alert is received, the monitoring centre can then arrange for help from our responder service *, family/friend carers or the emergency services as required. *if applicable in your region and selected as a service.

To learn more please watch our video about the SEVEN here.

Key Features:

  • 4G roaming technology to allow for faster call connection
  • Daily check button - Simple button press to check in and confirm wellbeing – “I’m OK”
  • 300m Pendant and Telecare Range - Industry leading peripheral range ensures that an alarm can be raised from anywhere in the home and garden
  • Away function – for when users are away for an extended period


  • Range: 300m
  • Connectivity: 4G roaming