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Chiptech Smoke Detector Standard

£8.39 per month by direct debit
This product is not eligible for VAT relief

Requires a Chiptech SEVEN base unit to be rented for this product to operate.
A battery sensor activated by the presence of smoke.


A battery sensor activated by the presence of smoke.

The make up of this smoke alarm means it best detects slow, smouldering fires commonly produced by electrical fires or sofa and is less likely to raise a false alarm from cooking smells.

This sensor connects to the Chiptech SEVEN base unit wirelessly and will be set up by your installer. Once an alert is received, the monitoring centre can then arrange for help from our responder service *, family/friend carers or the emergency services as required.

*if applicable in your region and selected as a service.

Key Features:

  • 10 year main lithium battery life
  • Less likely than other smoke detectors to raise a false alarm


  • Battery Life: 10 years