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How can Telecare help me?

There is a wide range of telecare equipment you can use for different needs you might have.

The most common type of equipment that people buy is called a lifeline and pendant. If you fall or get into difficulties this will connect you to staff at our monitoring centre who will talk to you and get you help.

The lifeline base unit is connected to the telephone line in your house. You can wear the pendant around your neck or your wrist, or keep it in your pocket.

If you fall down, or have a problem, press the button on the pendant. The lifeline base unit then connects you to staff in a monitoring centre who will talk to you via the speaker. They will call a family member or your carer to come to help you. Or, if the problem is serious, they will call for an ambulance to come to your home.

There are also other telecare accessories that you can connect to your lifeline base unit.

For example, there are:
  • Sensors which can detect a fire and will send an alarm to the monitoring centre.
  • Flood sensors that will raise an alarm if your bath or sink overflows.
  • Other sensors will detect if your home gets too hot, or cold, or if there is a build-up of carbon monoxide.
  • Some can sense if you have left your bed unexpectedly in the night, or have not left your chair for a long while, or even if an outside door has been opened in your house.

These can be fitted discretely in any room in your home.

Free telephone advice

The type and amount of equipment you might want will depend on your own needs and the things you might be worried about for yourself or your loved ones.

If you would like to discuss your telecare needs, request a free callback from one of our qualified Healthcare Professionals. They will help you make the right choice based on your circumstances, needs and reasons for wanting telecare.

Look on our Telecare Equipment pages to see all the equipment available and a description of what each can be used to help you with.